Vocational Guidance Do what you love and love what you do

Your ‘Life Calling’

Who is this for?

Vocational Guidance is for those who want much more out of their working life, while maintaining their spiritual integrity. For those who feel they have a specific ‘purpose’…a ‘mission’ even…


“I kept the wage-paying jobs to a minimum because the only thing I really ever wanted was free time to do my own stuff.” ~ Louis Stettner, artist and photographer

I often find myself working with ‘Cultural Creatives’ …”people who are deeply spiritual without necessarily being dogmatically religious, and who enjoy technology and economic prosperity but not at the cost of the environment or community. They understand the world holistically and are deeply committed to non-ideological politics that emphasise practical solutions”. ~ Dr. Paul Ray

I also work with heart-based ‘Innerpreneurs’, ie. entrepreneurs who use their business to find personal fulfilment (creatively, spiritually, emotionally) and create social change. These sensitive people have the defining entrepreneurial traits of:

  • High need for independence
  • High need for achievement
  • Low need for conformity
  • High need to take personal responsibility
  • Propensity for risk-taking
  • Passion for spotting opportunities
  • Passion for expressing their ideas

but ‘Innerpreneurs’ are characteristically different. They start businesses as vehicles to aid in their own personal growth rather than that of a company; they start them to find personal fulfilment and satisfaction through their work. Basically, they desire to use business to improve the world and themselves.

Vocational Guidance is for people who are driven by their need to realize their full potential, make a difference to the world and constantly learn and evolve.


“Many years ago, after I moved back to London (from Barcelona), Jean and I met up one day. I didn’t have a ‘proper’ job at that time, so she did a coaching ‘survey’ on me on a piece of paper about jobs listing likes, dislikes, eliminating and breaking down for ideas. I found my niche – and still have that paper!!”
Marion Ramos: legal administrator ~ London

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