The Healing Process

The Healing Process

The First Seven Years of Life Are Crucial

In these first few years our minds are like new computers – switched on, opened up and ready for programmes to be installed.


When we’re babies and toddlers, we cannot think things through by ourselves; we have to be shown how life works. We pick up information from everyone and everything around us and it gets stored into our subconscious mind.

All the good things we see, hear and experience get recorded but, unfortunately, so do all the bad things too. Just as with a computer, the subconscious cannot distinguish between good and bad, it just accepts whatever is downloaded. It doesn’t judge whether something is right or wrong, it simply takes in everything.

Then, as we grow up, whenever we experience things repeatedly, we start to form habits. A receptor gets switched on in the brain (the ‘hardware’) every time the subconscious mind (the ‘software’) accepts an action as crucial for our survival, ie. something to keep us alive.

As babies and small children we are vulnerable; completely dependant on adults to keep us safe. The first seven years of life are spent absorbing information and experiences that we have no capacity to evaluate, while creating our own small worlds that can make sense to us.

We observe the behaviour of our parents, siblings, educators and community while we try to learn the rules of life, and all this information gets downloaded automatically into our subconscious.

Unfortunately, many small children do not have an ideal introduction into the ways of the world. Sadly, many are taken advantage of, used and abused in ways that become difficult to overcome in later life. These crucial early years form the basis of our character and personality through into adulthood.

95% of our adult lives are lived from programmes that get installed into our subconscious in the first seven years. This means we are capable of sabotaging ourselves 95% of each day without even realising it… 

…which means that, as adults, only 5% of our lives are being lived consciously and creatively.

So what can you do if you find yourself trapped in patterns that don’t reflect the life you want to be living? Get ready to reset your emotional energy- counter back to zero and prepare for a more meaningful life!

My unique combination of healing modalities helps to release old traumas, heal emotional wounds and resolve negative experiences.

I use:

  • Reconnective Healing to align the body, mind and emotions and bring them back into a state of balance.
  • Hypnotherapy to identify and release emotional blocks and traumas that were formed in childhood, but are holding you back as an adult.
  • Tapping (EFT) to install and reinforce new positive patterns, programmes and habits – and fill up the spaces where old blocks resided with new and powerful energies.

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