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Your Higher Self Has But One Purpose

An Intuitive Access session will help to reveal your inner guidance


How often have you:

  • Felt that something deep inside is trying to communicate with you..to connect  to your heart with words of wisdom, to give you guidance and support…? 
  • Heard or felt an inner voice urging you to go this way and not that way, speak to this person but not that one, take this job and not that job…?
  • Believed that you have no sense of intuition…?

There’s one thing for sure in life…we feel as much or as little support from the invisible realms as we believe there is. If we believe there’s nothing available to guide us and help us along our path, then we’ll feel pretty much left to go it alone through life.  But that doesn’t mean that we really are alone…because we never are.

Let me explain…

Imagine there’s someone you care for very much, you love that person unconditionally, only want the very best for them and try to make sure they neither come to harm or suffer in life.

Now imagine that you place yourself in front of them on a daily basis and let them know they can always depend on you. You say you’ll never let them down, that your sole reason for being there is to make their life as happy and meaningful as possible.

Now imagine that this beloved one ignores you, spurns all your offers of assistance, rejects the possibility that not only could you guide them on their best path but that, in fact, you don’t even exist…

I would like you to know that, from the moment you’re born until the moment you leave this world, your Higher Self’s only purpose is to be there for you…with deep love and compassion for your human-ness, and the understanding that you’ve actually forgotten who you really are and what you came here to do.

Your Higher Self is the higher part of your consciousness that knows everything about you and only you...your Guiding Light, Angel on the Shoulder, Fairy Godmother…however you like to think of this personal adviser. This inner voice is not there to criticise, simply to gently direct you to the most beneficial doorway, urge you along the best path and place you before the most loving and helpful people.

You are unique. 

There’s no other human being alive who has your background, your childhood, your family relationships, your knowledge and experience, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual make-up… You are absolutely unique.

And, as a spark of the Divine Source itself, you have as much access to your own specific and individual mentor – your Higher Self – as every other human on this planet has to theirs. But, given the busy lives we lead nowadays, we too easily lose sight of how to access that divine spark within us.

We are all more closely connected to each other than we realise… though we often believe we’re ultimately alone. So we live a life of quiet and lonely desperation, rarely knowing if the path we’re following is the best one for us…but we don’t know which other way to turn.

We ask ourselves, is this my best path? Will this action make me happy? Am I living my best life? And, as we mentally go over and over the answers that our conscious mind comes up with, we wonder why we feel unable to take a step in any new direction.

So then, when we feel we can no longer go on like this, we start to look for someone to help us, some professional help, while inwardly wondering how another person can really help us when they don’t know our full story.

So, how do we communicate directly with the soul?

We all have a Divine Essence, a Higher Self, Guardian Angel, Eternal Spirit, Intuition… but sometimes it needs a trained professional to help us connect deeply with our own true self.

I want you to realise that, to help you, I don’t need to know your life history, because your Higher Self will reveal everything necessary, step by step and in the most loving way. Remember, we’re all connected, we all share the same  Divine Light and subtle energy – in our hearts and in our minds. 

Over many years, through deep listening I have learned how to tune in to another’s Higher Self and help them find answers from within. Can you imagine the joy of discovering that the one true guide that is here for you and only you can be accessed and communicated with…?

If you feel that this is the moment to reach out for some spiritual guidance, to find that open door, that way forward that until now hasn’t been obvious, please go to Intuitive Access Session to read about how I can help you. Or feel free to contact me direct if you prefer.

This is not therapy, this is about you talking directly and confidently with your Higher Essence, in an intimate one-on-one conversation, seeking divine guidance from your inner wisdom, and receiving support for your earthly and spiritual aspirations. Please click here to see prices.

I look forward to assisting you in taking that next step on your spiritual journey.

With love