Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy

Finding an Explanation to Something That Makes No Sense


Sometimes the only way to go forward or work through a difficult life situation is by going back to the beginning – by returning to the origin of the problem – but which is often lost to conscious memory.

All memories are stored in our subconscious mind, and hypnotherapy is a most effective tool to access its deep layers.

Hypnotic Regression is often used to take someone back to a meaningful moment in childhood, to one or more past lives, or sometimes even to a point between lives.

The main reason to undertake such work is to help someone come to terms with a current, ongoing situation that makes no sense to them.

Maybe it’s a family drama, or an unceasing health or financial problem, or simply the need to understand why something unpleasant or confusing keeps happening over and over again.

regression therapy

An example could be:

  • A recurring dream about a dark place or building, that make no sense but seems to hold an important message…
  • A feeling of deep discomfort with someone you know, or a fear that a particular person could harm you, but with no obvious reason for feeling this…
  • A fear of drowning whenever you go near water, or of getting stuck in a lift, or locked in a room, or a fear of dogs or cats…

Even though there is no obvious reason for fear in any specific moment, an irrational terror can sometimes arise when triggered by the smallest thing.

If you feel there’s something affecting you in this way or holding you back, blocking you from living the life to the fullest, let’s gently pull back the curtain to see what your subconscious has been hiding from you.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Do I have to experience the trauma of a situation again, as if I was reliving it…?

Usually you only have to observe it – like watching a play or a movie – and not get actively involved.

Can I come back into the present and wake up whenever I want to…?

Yes, you can. Nothing and no-one can hold you in a hypnotic state against your will.

Is it really safe to go back to past lives…?

You are always looked after by your ‘higher self/guardian angel’. Plus, we set up a safe space to work in before we begin a Hypnotic Regression session.

Is there any further counselling or support available if it should be considered necessary or requested…?

Of course. I am here at all times for my clients – in-person, by phone or online. We simply have to book a time and day to suit us both.

I would first like to talk a little with you about my problem, before I book any sessions – is that possible…?

Yes, it is. I am here to answer questions and set your mind at ease, at a designated time and day.

How can I arrange a chat with you…?

Just click this link and give me you name, mobile phone number, preferred day of the week and time to talk, and a brief description of how you see your problem. I’ll then send you a WhatsApp message offering a Free Exploratory Consultation by phone.

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I look forward to hearing from you…!

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