Psychic Psychometry Readings

We all have a life purpose, a raison d’être

Do you know what you specifically came here to do in this lifetime…?

If that purpose – that unique ability – isn’t expressed, it can eat away at you causing great dissatisfaction all through your life until it is acknowledged, acted upon and fulfilled.

A Psychometry session can pick up and clarify the subtle energy around a person through an object that has been held physically close to them for some time, and transpose that symbolic information into guidance for the client’s present and potential future.

By touching and holding a small chosen inanimate object – a piece of jewellery, a watch, a key, for example – I can pick up information about its past and its owner’s life potential.

As a natural-born psychic, I have been practising Psychometry since I was a child…but what exactly is it…?

  • The ability to ‘read’ the history of an object by touching it…
  • To ‘tune in’ to the owner’s past, present and potential future…
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There is no fixed future for any of us.

The dynamics of life change moment by moment as we move seamlessly and unwittingly in and out of dimensions and densities.

There are a multitude of possible futures, but always a clear indication of which future path is presenting itself in any given moment. For this, the recommendation is that the guidance given during a reading is best acted upon as soon as possible while the energy and potential around it are at their highest.

The guidance given in a Psychometry Reading will lay out for the seeker the optimum path for them to follow – or create – for the best possible outcome.

A psychometry reading is about connecting directly with the higher part of you in an intimate one-on-one conversation. About seeking divine guidance from your inner wisdom, and receiving information and answers about your earthly life purpose this time round.

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