Complementary Therapy Prices Starter and Specialist Sessions


Starter Sessions:                                  

Hypnotherapy  –  Reconnective Healing  –  Tapping (EFT)  –  Bach Flower Remedies   –  Emotion Code:  €97 per session – OR – €350 for a prepaid block of 4 sessions of any combination of these therapies, with discounts available for further sessions.

Specialist Sessions:

Regression Therapy:                    €197 to help you make sense of a current situation by delving deeper into the past with hypnotherapy. Up to 2 hours.

Stop Smoking Now:                     €397 the one and only session necessary for you to quit cigarettes for good. Up to 2 hours.

Reconnection Activation:           €397 the only two sessions necessary. This activation will also allow you to facilitate further healing on yourself. Up to 2 hours.

Medulla-Pineal Activation:         €97 per session. This activation is for the opening and ongoing development of the 3rd Eye. Around an hour.

Spiritual Guidance:                       €97 for when you need some help connecting with your higher self. Around an hour.

Intuitive Access:                           €197 only one session necessary for intuitive pre-coaching guidance. Up to 2 hours.

Psychometry Reading:                 €97 per session to discover information about an event or person via an object. Around an hour.