Jean’s Story


Motivation is a key but first is INSPIRATION

Many years ago, Jean decided to let go of trying to be what society expected of her. She was going crazy trying to live the ‘normal’ 9-5 lifestyle and craved something different…

Jean began making changes in her life in a more conscious way and is now living the life she designed for herself and in a beautiful part of the world – Costa del Sol in Andalucía, Spain.

Originally from Richmond, near London, the early part of Jean’s adult life was spent travelling and experiencing the world. She’d always dreamed of living in a Mediterranean country but never seemed to find the right moment to move.

As time went by, and after a painful divorce and general sense of unhappiness, fear took over and she stayed put.

How many people plan to do something ‘one day’ only to discover that day never comes and then it’s too late? That day did come for Jean though, many years later, but not until after a horse-riding accident that left her unable to work or walk for over a year. It changed the course of her life. Suddenly it was clear: life is too short and precious not to take action on our dreams.

So, in her 40s, Jean moved to Barcelona in Spain with three suitcases, very little money and a wide-open mind. It was a tremendous challenge: a new language, new culture, new friends – but it afforded her the opportunity for the greatest personal and spiritual growth.

Now, many years later and living in southern Spain – Jean’s spiritual home – the healing journey into her true self, combined with learned multi-faceted skills and life coach training, has enabled her to create a working system for people who are ready to heal themselves and pursue their dreams.

As an intuitive and an empath, Jean has developed the ability to work deeply and connectedly with individuals and groups, encouraging and motivating them to discover the best in themselves.

Jean’s system incorporates natural methods to access, shift and heal deep core issues that prevent people from moving forward.

Born into a dysfunctional family, Jean and her brothers endured an emotionally painful childhood with little stability; with a psychic mother, whose sensitivity and awareness Jean inherited, and an alcoholic, abusive and violent father.

They moved around a lot trying to evade their father. Jean was the new kid at school so often that she learned ‘coping’ mechanisms that turned into anxiety disorders later in life.

Having been born ‘sensitive’ and a ‘natural healer’, Jean was introduced to the Spiritualist Church; the only place she felt safe and first learned about spiritual healing.

Since then, and throughout her life, Jean has studied, practiced, and taught the power of subtle energy and facilitated many healings with voluntary groups and animal sanctuaries in UK and Spain through Master Level Reiki and Level III Reconnective Healing work.

After leaving formal education, Jean entered the world of advertising and then went on to study interior design, visual art, and personal styling in London where she created and ran her own successful Image Consultancy for many years.

Out of this interest, and her ongoing study of subtle energy, Jean learned how to incorporate the ancient, oriental art of placement known as Feng Shui (acupuncture for rooms and spaces) into her work, while studying under a Feng Shui Master. She now has many years of work experience in this field and gives Feng Shui Consultations and teaches the Western Method of Feng Shui in Workshops.

As Jean’s reputation in these alternative fields grew, she got invited to speak and run workshops all around England to company executives who were being made redundant in the recession of the late ’80s.

As a natural progression, and after formally qualifying her Life Coaching studies (Newcastle College, England) and Hypnotherapy studies (Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis), Jean’s work grew into the holistic practice that can now help you discover, among other things, your true vocation – your unique offering to the world.

Jean’s background includes Membership of the College of Psychic Studies in London for many years and, though continuing her interest in Western Tibetan Buddhism, she now follows no formal religion, preferring to empower herself by connecting to her innate higher wisdom.

Like a lot of people, one of Jean’s dreams was to write a novel. After winning a writing competition, she succeeded in getting her semi-autobiographical novel published in 2008.

Now ‘Living in Bright Shadows’ is available in paperback and e-book format in English, while the Spanish translated version, ‘Vivir en sombras luminosas’ is in e-book format. Both are available from Amazon stores worldwide.

Jean enjoys writing stories and articles, facilitating workshops and courses, and designing interior and exterior spaces. She loves art, music, nature, peace, companionship, animals, friends, family, living in the sunshine in southern Spain between the mountains and the sea, and dividing her life between Andalucía, Barcelona and London.

After many years of working on herself, Jean knows her strengths and weaknesses, does the things she loves, and mostly doesn’t have to do things she doesn’t! She gets to travel and dig deep into life’s rich experiences, constantly connecting with her higher self throughout the journey.

Having experienced bouts of deep depression and social anxiety since childhood, Jean knows and understands the crippling effects that aspects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can impose on one’s day-to-day life.

Through constantly working on her inner shadow, she maintains a focus on growth and acceptance of life challenges as they occur.

We all go through hardships of one kind or another in life and some have chosen especially challenging experiences in this lifetime, as they can lead to immense growth and re-connection back to Source.

While never diagnosing or labelling, Jean has been Coaching and Counselling for over 30 years, and she can help you too.

If you have problems you feel you can’t tackle alone, Jean’s unique Holistic Counselling system can help you lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

Jean’s Mission…

is to guide you towards designing the life you want for yourself while discovering your higher purpose – to move YOU forward towards a brighter future that thrills you!

Her Work…

is to coax your potential to the surface through weekly sessions.

Her Commitment…

is to empower you to find and live your passion in a context of love and joy and an absence of fear .

If Jean’s story inspires you, and you feel she could help guide you towards a brighter future, please contact her to arrange a Free Exploratory Session.


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