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“Often, we end up doing what we almost want to do because we lack the courage to do what we really want to do.” ~ Jason Webster


  • DSCF0303If you have a sense that, as human beings we are ‘whole’ beings,’Holistic’ beings…I will guide you through life’s challenges and help you achieve the results your heart and soul really desire.
  • If you believe that we choose and design every aspect of our lives -whether consciously or not – and that we’re not machines to have one part removed or fixed when it breaks down… Transformational Coaching is your support system, because you’re more than the sum of your parts.
  • If you know that you are at a crossroads in life or your career and want to feel energised, empowered and inspired to live a life of passion… I will guide you towards shaking off what is no longer serving you, getting back in touch with your enthusiasm and motivation, and making changes.

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We humans need to look at our situations and challenges from every angle of our being.

It is the only way to create and step onto our own unique vocational ‘path’, heed our ‘calling’ and – in turn – optimize our life.

Motivation and effort alone rarely create lasting change. The best way to change existing patterns is to reprogram the subconscious mind in order to break free from these repeating patterns. First, though, we have to become aware of our existing patterns before we can create new, positive patterns.

If you’re serious about searching for the mind/body/spirit balance that promotes self-empowerment and raises your level of self-esteem, my Transformational Coaching & Counseling Practice is for you.

You will discover how to grow, thrive and bring some magic back into your life, while actively nourishing your spiritual self. 

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“I started working with Jean on a 3-month Coaching basis earlier this year. I initially went to see her as I was struggling to move forward, unable to get a grasp of the Spanish language, unable to finish anything, and had completely lost my direction in life.

I am very pleased to say that three months on life is considerably better; I now have a network of Spanish friends, clear direction and – the best bit – I have finished several things that had been hanging around for a long time.

My weekly sessions were something I really looked forward to; Jean has a lovely warmth that makes you feel relaxed and optismistic. I would definitely recommend her. My coaching has now finished for the time being; I will miss her reassurance and friendly nudges, but I now have the tools to go forward and achieve everything I want to achieve with confidence.” ~ Tracey Blackwell: business owner & mother of two – Estepona, Spain