How I Can Help You… Personal Growth, Positive Affirmations, & Counselling Advice

Counselling moves you forward

Towards a brighter future

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Can you imagine how good life would be to get up each morning with joy and anticipation of the day ahead?

  • Would you like to do something different but don’t know what – or how?
  • Are you at a crossroads in your life but afraid to move in any direction, step onto a new ‘path’ or discover a ‘life purpose’?
  • Are you holding back from moving at all – just in case you ‘don’t get it right’?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, I understand – because I’ve been there.

life coaching can help

I do believe, however, that we choose and design every aspect of our lives, both consciously and unconsciously.

But while ‘choosing consciously’ empowers us, ‘choosing unconsciously’ often turns us into victims.

My Counselling work is dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams, goals and visions. It’s for you if you are searching for meaning in your life or through your work.

My promise is to: 

  • Work with you to get clear on the kind of life you would love to live.
  • Support you every step of the way as you search to find a way of life that makes sense to you – one that makes you feel whole and complete.
  • Assist you in discovering all the answers within yourself.
  • Help you create a life that makes you happy – one that enables you to feel sure nothing can stand in your way to success.
  • Guide you to travel your own unique path and live the life of your dreams.


Once upon a time, many years ago…

I would wake up most mornings to a damp, grey inner city view from my window that left me feeling dead inside.  I dreamed of living in a Mediterranean country with blue skies, daily sunshine and a view of mountains and the sea.

Certified and Trained Life Coach in Marbella

Nowadays, I can climb up to my roof terrace and touch the palm trees and jacarandas.  I can walk to the beach in three minutes, passing through exotic gardens towards a private community pool and tennis courts.

I now live in my version of paradise.  I made my dream come true, I made it happen – and so can you! 

Whether we call them goals, dreams or visions, I will listen to and validate yours.  Then, through deep questioning and probing, I will guide and support you to help you make your dreams come true.

  • You could quickly start seeing improvements in areas of:
  • Increased motivation
  • Less daily stress
  • Better health and sleep
  • Change of lifestyle
  • Stepping onto your ‘path’
  • Beginning a business
  • Starting a career
  • Getting a better job
  • Becoming more assertive
  • Feeling more in control
  • More stimulating social life
  • Creating love and romance
  • Harmonious family relationships



So… are you excited?  Are you ready to arrange a Free Exploratory Session?  Then I invite you to go ahead and do it NOW!

“I have known Jean Gilhead for the past 15 years as a professional and as a friend. I highly recommend her. She is a very talented, sensitive multi-disciplined person, which are the qualities required for Counselling.” ~ Laurence Gérard: chiropractor – Barcelona Laurence Gerard