Intuitive Access Session

When you’re not sure where you want to go

What is an Intuitive Access Session? 


Intuitive Access is a powerful Pre-Coaching intuitive process that helps you re-discover your dreams and shows you how to move towards them!

Knowing what your dreams are – what you truly want – might sound easy. Most people know what they don’t want but get a bit hazy when it comes to defining what they do want.

We often say, “I just want to be happy”, but after a while – sometimes years – of pushing down our hopes and dreams, defining what makes us happy can lose focus.

Coaches can be stumped when a client says “I just want to be happy”. Coaching can, by its very nature, only help someone reach a clearly definable and measureable goal. But here things are different.

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Intuitive Access is a revolutionary system

 It allows you to move forward effectively without necessarily knowing initially what it is you want to achieve. Just a vague feeling will do to start – in fact the feeling of “I just want to be happy” is a perfect start! Life Coaching, and transforming your life in Costa del Sol

In just one session we interactively work through a detailed process of intuitive recovery to access the deepest part of what makes you happy, define it, and discover the best way for you to move towards it.


“This creative session provoked an exciting and major change of perception in me. I went in with an open mind and came out with one buzzing with images and a new vision of where I was heading and the bridge I’m building to get there.

Intuitive Access is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilful, sensitive and intuitive practitioner. Many thanks, Jean.” ~ Moira Allan – Manager occupational health organisation, Paris, France Moira

Intuitive Access is a powerful and magical session. It can be carried out in-person, by phone or Skype.

The price of this investment is €195 for the 2-hour session.

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My mission is to support you in finding and experiencing your vision. Find out how we can work together by arranging a Free Exploratory Session NOW!


“Make your dreams a reality – set yourself free.” ~ Jean Gilhead

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