Feng Shui for Beginners e-Course


Online Course for Beginners

What is it?

My powerful combination of Transformational Life Coaching and Feng Shui for Beginners can provide you with an effective ‘road map’ of the transition process, as well as help you move forward towards the life you desire!

With Feng Shui, you need to clarify what it is you’re unhappy about and what you don’t want in your life any longer.  I created and designed my ‘Feng Shui for Beginners e-Course’ to guide you along your journey.

This 3 module beginners e-course will show you:

  • how much your environment affects you
  • how to find inner peace by changing your environment
  • how your outer world is affected by your inner world

“Imagination is more than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

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How does a hermit, monk or nun in seclusion find happiness without money, possessions or relationships?

They work on themselves internally until the external world is of no importance. They work from the inside out. Normally in society we find it easier to work from the outside in.

By changing our immediate environment we can change our inner world to help us find peace and tranquillity, which can then help us to change our outer world.

Our buildings reflect who we are and how we are. When energy is blocked, stagnant or out of balance in our environment the same imbalance will be reflected in our subconscious mind and within our bodies.

Career and Business coach in Marbella

“Jean has Feng-Shui’d our work premises on two occasions, incorporating personnel profiles in her assessment. Not only did the feeling within the office change immediately after we had finished repositioning that which she suggested as a result of her study but, from a purely practical viewpoint, the day-to-day tasks involved were made easier. Our business is the sales and distribution of hair products to high-end professional hair salons.

Jean’s product – her ‘Feng Shui’ work – is almost by definition a difficult one to ‘sell’. When she first explained it to us, we understood it to be something like ‘modifying the distance between objects, furniture, products in stock, etc, to allow an improved energy flow at the workplace to help the day to day tasks and overall goal of the business’…hmmm. It works! She also suggested some more practical aspects related to the workplace as well as ways in which to improve relationships between the personnel. These too worked.

My recommendation is that everything that Jean suggests should be implemented to the absolute maximum possible.”
Douglas Pate: company director – Spain Career and Business coach in Marbella

What I offer is a combination of my many years of experience of colour psychology, energy healing, eastern philosophies and religions, interior design, and Feng Shui using the Western Method.

This beginners e-course will give you an understanding of how to take control of your life in a way you could never have dreamed possible.

You can change your life starting from today – the next move is up to you!

The cost of this Feng Shui for Beginners e-Course is: €147 and includes 2 x free bonuses…!

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