Feng Shui Interior Design & Decor Service

Feng Shui Interior Design & Decor Service

Consultation Guidelines

The Chinese tradition of Feng Shui organizes the energies of a space and what it imparts to its occupants.

Whenever I design an interior space, I always incorporate the ancient, oriental art of placement known as Feng Shui (acupuncture for rooms and spaces) into the design and decor work, having originally studied with Feng Shui Master William Spear in England.

Over the years, I have worked on houses, apartments, office and work spaces, health clinics, art and design studios, music and recording studios, restaurants, bars, holistic centres, shops and language schools in Barcelona and Madrid, and before that my work was established in London.

I now have over 30 years working experience in the increasingly popular field of Feng Shui design, and also teach my methods on Feng Shui for Beginners Courses and Workshops.

Without doubt, I believe feng shui design to be a great advantage in any domestic situation or field of business, because only with a deeper awareness of harmony within our living and working environment can we move forward in the 21st Century.

For any questions, or your known requirements please: Contact Jean

I offer two types of Feng Shui design Consultation:

1. A ‘Verbal’ Feng Shui Consultation, which consists of:

  • Initial discussion by phone/email to agree on a course of action.
  • Discussing the changes, aims and objectives desired by the client.
  • Visiting the property if possible and meeting the client.
  • Examining the property inside and out, and the buildings and streets around the property, either in person or by scanned/emailed floor plans. Whenever there are existing plans available, I use them.
  • Recommending various verbal options for solutions.
  • In cases where it is not possible or feasible to visit the property, a study can be made from working with emailed floor plans.
  • The final cost will depend on a possible combination of time spent at the property, completing the elaborated study and reporting back findings either in person or by phone.

A Verbal Consultation – minimum of 2 hours: for any type of house, flat, office, shop, clinic, restaurant or other type of interior space. A Verbal Consultation costs €150 per hour.

“Jean advised me on Feng Shui in my business and at a new home I bought. I found her work very professional, and concise. I also appreciated her global knowledge of anything to do with the human spirit and its energies. It was good to have the information she provided me with, but also it was interesting and fun working with her.”
Rosaura Pujol: humanist & photographer – Andorra

2. A ‘Full’ Feng Shui design Consultation, which consists of:

All of the above, plus:

  • A detailed written report, the contents and length of which depends on the number of baguas in the property (a bagua is the feng shui pattern of spacial arrangement). Every property and every room has its own specific bagua.
  • If plans are available I use them, if not I make my own provided I can visit the property. Through this I proceed to a detailed elaboration of the energetic points of every space. In the case of a necessary redistribution, I then offer the client an alternative project.
  • Follow-up by phone if necessary.

A Full Consultation – minimum of 4 baguas: (ie. four dedicated spaces – rooms/offices/studios, etc.) includes a written report. This consultation is more suitable for businesses, new constructions, and distances too far to travel. This consultation costs €150 ‘per bagua’ (as opposed to per hour).

For both types of Consultation:

  • Travel time within Barcelona City Centre or Central Marbella is included in the cost.
  • Travel time and expenses outside Barcelona City Centre or Central Marbella are charged at an extra hourly travel rate of €45, plus air/train travel ticket prepaid by the client.
  • Fees and other travel expenses are payable in full at the time of the consultation.

For more information, or to arrange a Feng Shui Consultation, please: Contact Jean

“The first time I worked with Jean was when she came to perform her Feng Shui magic on the flat in which I was then living; the transformation was amazing. Of course, she was called upon again when I moved house and I have been delighted to be able to recommend her to friends. I have also attended some of her workshops.”

Jane Upton: executive coach & consultant – Barcelona, Spain

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Contact me, Jean Gilhead – Dip Hyp ISCH, to arrange a Free Exploratory Consultation.