Free Exploratory Consultation

An Exploratory Consultation

How does it work?

It presents us with the starting point for you to take your first steps towards fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. We do this by setting out a strategic plan for healing any past issues, gaining clarity and getting motivated to succeed.

Spiritual entrepreneur, Vishen Lakhiani says, “There are only two types of goals – Means Goals and End Goals.”

Means Goals are what society says we need to achieve to be a ‘success’ in life.

End Goals are what really drive and motivate us – the ‘blueprint of our soul’ – and these fall into three categories:

  • Experiences: what you want to experience from life
  • Growth: how you want to grow as a person
  • Contribution: what you want to contribute to the planet.

This Free Exploratory Session consists of an introduction to discuss what you’d like to work on and how I can guide you towards achieving your goal, dream or vision.

If you’re ready to move forward with your life, then go ahead and enter your details below now – with no obligation – and I will contact you shortly to arrange your Free Exploratory Session.

‘As music is not in the notes – but in the silence between the notes – the real joy of life is not in the activities, but in the quiet between the activities.”

~ Amar Ochani

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