Medulla-Pineal Activation

Medulla-Pineal Activation

What is it and how does it work?

“The pineal gland, when fully activated, is a crystalline superconductor that receives information through the transduction of energetic vibrational signals (Quantum Field frequencies beyond the senses) into biological tissue (the brain and mind) in the form of meaningful imagery, the same way as an antennae translates different channels onto a TV screen.”

~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Medulla-Pineal Activation is one of the most powerful activations you can receive at this time in our human evolution.

This activation will help re-activate access to the 12 multidimensional DNA strands and align you directly with your spirit – the higher part of you – that sees all, knows all and understands all.

As you manifest an alignment with Oneness – the Source, you will gain direct access to your innate psychic and telepathic abilities, opening you up to a completely new way of living in a constant, conscious state of awareness.

The Eye of Horus and a cross-section of the Pineal Gland:

There are exciting events happening right now with all of humanity.

Higher entities have spoken several times about the re-wiring of the human body, to help us hold more of our own higher self and our actual spirit than ever before.

They say that one of these changes is already in place and can be activated at any time. Meaning, it is now possible to re-activate the pineal gland to do what it was originally designed to do.

Activating the Pineal Gland

DNA re-connections

It is said that the pineal gland is one part of our body that has both finite and infinite properties. The job the pineal gland originally played was no longer needed when the DNA of the human template was originally altered. Now, as of this writing, a critical mass in DNA re-connections have happened within the collective of humanity. Due to this, and as a result of the physical ‘re-wire’, it is now possible to activate the pineal gland to its original condition and use.

Position in Time and Space

  • One of the known jobs of the pineal gland is to regulate the circadian rhythms in the body. These include important biological functions like sleep cycles, the seasons, aging cycles, the production of human growth hormone and much more. But also, it determines our position within the illusion of space and time in the universe around us.
  • In other words, the pineal gland grounds a spirit into the illusion of a time line. This makes sense since so many cultures believed that it was the entrance and exit point of the soul.
  • Once the pineal gland becomes activated, and the client learns how to use it consciously, they start to have control over this position in time and space.
  • This will begin as more people become activated and will start to be seen as having more control over issues of sleep cycles, aging, sexual drive, etc.

Pineal Crystals – A New Antennae

Medical science has well-documented the calcification of the pineal gland in most humans over the last 50-60 years, which is also called the Second Wave of Empowerment. The medical community suspected that it was the fluoride in our water that caused this calcification ‘problem’.

This calcification is seen as a white coating over the entire pineal gland, and is commonly referred to in radiological circles as the ‘Blue Light’, as it shows up as a bluish white light in the centre of the brain at the pineal gland. It was discovered in older people first, which might have led to the conclusion that it was something in our water, but now they have discovered that this is also present in ever increasing numbers of children as young as three years old.

Medical science says that that it is responsible for seizures, tumours and other ailments, yet the higher entities also say it is part of our natural evolutionary process; that these calcium deposits and the resulting crystals are temporary and will eventually leave us. They are present at this time to activate our own internal telepathic abilities.

The calcification of the pineal gland also has a gift. For many years now it has been said that we are becoming ‘crystal’. Medical science has even coined a word for it ‘bio-mineralization’. The most important discovery is that these calcite crystals have something called ‘piezoelectric properties’, meaning they can send and receive electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

Piezoelectric crystals are the same crystals as those used in the original crystal radios, and they can send and receive radio frequencies. When they are activated it will be like being fitted with a new antenna, improving telecommunication between humans, and especially your communication with your own higher self. It will also open up your own awareness of your multidimensional reality.

The Medulla-Pineal Activation


Eventually, these crystals will activate in all humans without the need for any activation process.

But, meanwhile, the Medulla-Pineal Activation is a simple energetic activation based on an energetic movement using the proportions of the Golden Mean.

It is designed to activate the pineal gland and charge the crystals with the client’s own energy field.

It is done through a naturally formed opening that allows direct energetic access to the Medulla Oblongata which in ancient Greek means ‘The Mouth of God’. This is the brain stem on top of which the pineal gland rests.

I feel privileged to be one of the first Medulla Pineal Activators in Europe, and the first in Spain, to have been trained in this activation method by The Lightworker ‘group’.

The Medulla Pineal Activation can be repeated as often as is felt necessary, in line with the spiritual development taking place within the client.


These sessions take between one and two hours, depending on the current energy of the person receiving, and can be carried out either in-person or online.


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Jean is a natural born healer and I have had the privilege of receiving healing sessions from her on various occacions. A week ago I had a very profound experience, receiving the Medulla-Pineal Activation from Jean. This activation has already changed aspects of my life for the better and I highly recommend it for those who are ready.

~ Hege Hanssen – entrepreneur – Oslo, Norway

Guess what? I have successfully completed a 7- day fast and am now 5 kilos lighter with a flat stomach! I am amazed at the results to be honest. I am sure the Pineal Activation gave me the added motivation I needed, as I have never achieved something like this before. Thank you so much, Jean!

~ Natasha Louise Lazzerini – sports therapist – Costa del Sol, Spain

Ever wondered why your cosmic ordering isn’t working? I can recommend a Medulla-Pineal Activation with Jean Gilhead. Having spent a very relaxing hour with Jean, I left feeling a major shift in my life. Thank you, Jean.

~ Sheila Partridge – therapist – London

Since I received the Pineal Gland Activation from Jean, I feel myself much more focused on inner and spiritual issues. I am also feeling an increasing sense of general awareness and contentment toward life. Thank you, Jean, for your kind and sensitive manners.

~ Cristian Zanchi – yoga teacher, Marbella

My activation with Jean was an amazing experience of deep warmth, comfort, reassurance and rest. That night I slept incredibly well, better than I have for ages, and since then I have been feeling much calmer and better able to hold the space between my ‘real self’ and my ego. A lot of my issues seem to be melting away, with anger giving way more and more often to compassion. In general, I feel more connected and far less anxious.

 ~ Valerie Collins – writer, Barcelona

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