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What are the key things humans need to be happy?

Health, freedom, time, money, family, friends, love, work, possessions, play, goals, relaxation, direction, sex, music, children, creativity, stability…the list goes on…but, ultimately – we desire peace and tranquility


As coaching is a tool that helps us reach our goals, Feng Shui is a tool that can help clarify them.

Each section of the Feng Shui ‘bagua’ (the 8-sided shape that we use to orientate spaces) relates to a different energy and aspect of our lives.

Making the transition from one life state to another, however, can be uncomfortable. It can feel so uncomfortable that it puts us off from even making a move.

We might be unhappy, bored, tired, depressed, angry, lonely, unfulfilled – but we often stay in the same place, too scared to make a move out of our comfort zone, our sense of security being threatened.

We shut down and ‘put up’ with what we feel ‘life’ is doing to us.

There is, however, another way…

To take control of one’s own situation and take a calculated risk is the most empowering feeling of all. We can do it even though it often doesn’t feel like we can.

But, first, we need to clarify what it is that we’re unhappy about, what we don’t want in our life any longer. Once we’re clear about this, feng shui can then help to put us on the path to personal freedom.

So, how do we do that?

Think of a hermit, monk or nun in seclusion;how do they find happiness without money, possessions or relationships? They work on themselves internally until the external world is of little importance.  They work from the inside out.

Within normal society, however, we tend to find it easier to work from the outside in.

So, by changing our immediate environment we can change our inner world to help us find peace and tranquillity, which can then help us to change our outer world to be the way we want it.

Feng Shui Interior Design & Decor Service

What I offer is a combination of my many years of experience of colour psychology, subtle energy work, interior design, and Feng Shui using the Western Method. Each Feng Shui ‘study’ is unique and individual.

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“Jean has Feng-Shui’d our work premises on two occasions, incorporating personnel profiles in her assessment. Not only did the feeling within the office change immediately after we had finished repositioning that which she suggested as a result of her study but, from a purely practical viewpoint, the day-to-day tasks involved were made easier. Our business is the sales and distribution of hair products to high-end professional hair salons. Jean’s product – her ‘Feng Shui’ work – is almost by definition a difficult one to ‘sell’. When she first explained it to us, we understood it to be something like ‘modifying the distance between objects, furniture, products in stock, etc, to allow an improved energy flow at the workplace to help the day to day tasks and overall goal of the business’…hmmm. It works! She also suggested some more practical aspects related to the workplace as well as ways in which to improve relationships between the personnel. These too worked. My recommendation is that everything that Jean suggests should be implemented to the absolute maximum possible.”

~ Douglas Pate: company director ~ Spain

Also Available – Feng Shui e-Books and Feng Shui for Beginners 3-day Course