Books Written by Jean Gilhead

Living in Bright Shadows:

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A 20th Century, four-generational novella – set in Italy, Ireland, England and Spain:

The Fusciardis, who travelled from Italy to Ireland at the tail-end of the 19th Century, the Devlins living in Belfast and London from the ‘40s to the ‘90s, and the Buchanan-Trees in Spain in current time.

Spanning four generations, the stories twist and tumble around the lives and families of two estranged sisters, Isabella and Sofia Fusciardi.

Love and loss, deceit, ignorance and childhood trauma link seven stand-alone but interlinked stories; based on dark and complex aspects of human relationships within families.

The saga opens in 2007 during preparations for a London television retrospective on the life and death of Jack Devlin, world-famous artist. Before he died, Jack wrote a short poem for friends and family about his unconventional life…

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“I read this without being able to stop turning the pages. Jean has a wonderful way of telling a story and there is a story in here for everyone. I wanted to know more about these characters when the book ended so I hope she is not done! Highly recommend this book on your shelf.”
– Eileen Maxey – USA
“Wow! Incredibly clever and powerful, your characters practically River Dance off the page. I also love the use of analogies throughout and thought the letter from Charles was sheer poetry. I found it fascinating to observe the way that the knock on effects of domestic violence – and the fear of its victims – filtered down through the generations…. your piece about the stillbirth was extremely moving. The story also has so much magic in it when you think about how close our ties really are, and the whole Five Degrees of Separation thing…”
– Samantha Curtis – Books That Chime

Also now available: ‘Vivir en sombras luminosas’ the e-book in Spanish from Amazon stores worldwide – click here to buy.

“I love the book. A deep insight into human nature, wonderfully told from different voices and experiences. I highly recommend it.”  – Judith Payró – translator – Brazil



Practical Mindfulness:

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New ebook, Jean GilheadDo you remember when days seemed longer, holidays stretched on forever, you slept well at night and awoke refreshed? Each day was an adventure that started with anticipation and you went to bed content.

When did all that change?

At some point in life most people’s bodies and minds tend towards a downward spiral through stress.

Mindfulness is about noticing what we are doing as we are doing it, what we are thinking as we are thinking it, and how we are feeling as we are feeling it.

Using the practical exercises in this book, you can deepen your capacity of awareness and significantly reduce stress.

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Feng Shui

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‘Pump Up Your Prosperity’


‘Ignite Your Lovelife’



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‘¡Activa tu Prosperidad!’


‘¡Despierta tu vida amorosa!’






Also Available – Feng Shui for Beginners e-Course