The Art (and Magic) of Following Our Dreams Coaching and Inspiration

In Kew Gardens

We all need dreams

When I was little, we lived in leafy Kew opposite the Botanical Gardens near London. ‘50s England was a time of innocence and unhurriedness.  Although the road we lived on was relatively quiet compared to now, it was classed as a ‘main’ road into London as perhaps one car would speed by at 40mph every minute or so.

There in our front garden, organizing my bears ready for a tea party, I would suddenly get the urge to go, just go – somewhere – anywhere.  So, with my favorite teddy under my arm, I would click open the gate and start walking, ever ready for adventure and the open road even then.


Many of us need some adventure in our lives, or a sense of it at least.  Maybe it starts when we are asked the question “And what do you want to be when you grow up?” though searching for an answer can lead us no further than previously explored territory.  I remember I wanted to be a part-time Vet and part-time Hairdresser; I stated this firmly aged about 5.  Without the benefit of the world-wide web, this was the extent of my wishful experience at that point; I loved animals and cutting my own and my dolls’ hair.


As soon as I was allowed to, I would take myself off to school by bus (this was the ‘50s, remember).  I suppose this was the conscious beginning of my fascination with exploration.  I would try to discover a different way home every day, sometimes by bus, sometimes walking for hours, always somehow knowing which way to go.  As I was still only about 7 years old, my mother  would understandably be frantic, but that did not seem to make any difference to whether I could go alone the next day or not; unimaginable behaviour nowadays, of course.


We all need dreams – dreams keep hope alive and fresh.  Without hope we can fester, stagnate and die; whether figuratively or literally.  Without hope we have no meaningful reason to get up in the mornings; if we are simply putting one foot in front of the other without hoping there could be something better ‘just around the corner’ life becomes intolerable.  In our hearts we believe we are all unique.

Many of us know we have a ‘calling’ but cannot remember it or have never permitted ourselves the luxury of acknowledging it, believing ourselves to be unworthy, perhaps.


Too often, we spend our lives living either in the past or the future, reminiscing how it used to be or dreaming of how it could be. There’s a reason for this.  When we experience ourselves being fully in the present – often at moments of extreme pleasure or pain – it throws into sharp relief anything that is lacking in our lives and gives us pause for too much thought.

This can cause us such grief that we then block ourselves off from our true feelings, our hopes and dreams, and deny ourselves the opportunity of grasping life by the scruff and living it fully on an ongoing basis.


If the purpose of life is to have experiences and serve the planet, then a lot of us are missing the mark completely by not following our dreams.  This is where the skills of a Life Coach can help – by introducing and opening up new pathways and guiding the client to experience more fulfilling ‘now’ moments.

If you are ready to follow your dream, I can help you.  Contact me for a Free Exploratory Session.  I look forward to hearing from you!




PS: In retrospect, I’m glad I decided against becoming a Vet, but I still like to cut my own hair from time to time!  How do you follow your dreams?  Please leave your comments below…


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14 thoughts on The Art (and Magic) of Following Our Dreams Coaching and Inspiration

  1. Brilliant blog! I am finally now finding out what I want to do when I grow up – at 56. Dreams can be stunted by life if you are not careful. I rediscovered mine after lots of support and encouragement from my life coach – your blog brings back thoughts and ideas from our sessions. It also reminded me that life is a work in progress. As I enter a new chapter in my life I think it is time for me to have a few more Life Coaching sessions!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments, Mala…and I very much look forward to Coaching with you again as I suspect you’re now entering a very exciting new chapter. Just one thing, though, something tells me we’ll never truly be ‘grown up’ as long as we stay young at heart…!

  2. Lovely post Jean. Are you sure we are not twins separated at birth, because I used to take off too. And I wanted to be a vet and a hairdresser, and a writer in my spare time. Missed out on the first two – probably just as well, as I’m far too squeamish to spend my working day with an arm up a cow’s vagina. However, like the previous commenter, I now feel that I’m what I want to be when I grow up!

    1. Sandra…this is too spooky…! But better your arm up a cow’s vagina than up its bottom, methinks…!

  3. Jean reading your first blog reminded me of one of your great 30 Question accompanying quotes:

    “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Judy Garland.

    Really focuses the mind….Love your work!

    1. Thank you, Valerie…I’m happy you’ve enjoyed my ’30 Questions to Kick-Start Your Life’. It also comes to mind not only that dear, clever Oscar Wilde said, “Always be yourself; everyone else is taken,” but also, “Life is too important to be taken seriously,”…wise words indeed…!

  4. It’s when your body starts falling apart at 65 (when you need new hips and knees) that you start to wonder what you did to make it poorly. Too MUCH walking, not enough walking – too MUCH sugar, not enough sugar – but anyways there is little to be done = physically – you can’t look back and Fix it – body wise. Only forwards and with the help of surgeon!!

    BUT at 65 or maybe in your 50’s it’s time for YOU – to think about yourself mentally and where to go. It is time to Fix It – Mentally. When you are confident and explorative. Fortunately I’ve always known where to go – paint and paint and paint and see where it takes me. So that’s an answer find your ‘Focal Point’ and develop it – with a mind to explore. It’s worked for me – it’s just the body now that holds me back!! Good luck Jean. Keep on ‘triggering us’ – be the ‘Mind Surgeon’

    1. Hmmmm…the ‘Mind Surgeon’…I like that, Caroline! If Healing teaches us that the body is a physical representation of the mind, perhaps even so-called age-related physical problems can be overcome, or at least improved to some extent, by using the power of the mind…? In my experience, anything is possible…

  5. I love it Jean! Amazing!
    When I remember the times of our coaching sessions and I see where I am now… I did it Jean! I am where I wanted to be. And my path has just begun 😉 I am so deeply grateful for your help, your guiding hand, your heart-to-heart presence. Today I am able to feel the universe breathing and life pulsing inside. Great success to you Jean. You do a wonderful job. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Judith – very much appreciated. What I remember is a very brave woman who moved from one side of the world to the other, with two children, under extremely challenging circumstances, but with a burning desire to follow a dream that she refused to give up on. And you really did do it, Judith, you DID IT. Never let it be said that you cannot do whatever you set your mind to – you are dynamite! I felt priviliged to have been there Coaching you, holding your hand, guiding you along and whispering encouragement in your ear when you felt like giving up. You’re an inspiration to us all. I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to next in Brazil…! Jx

  6. Dear Jean
    I’ve at last found quality time to read your blog on the new website and many congrats for achieving that as I keep putting off doing my own. But I’m not writing about myself here, as I found the part in your blog about Medulla-Pineal Activation led me off to find out more about this part of our brain. Thanks so much for connecting me to such an interesting and focused post. Look forward to meeting you soon!

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Ann, and I’m very pleased you found your way to the Medulla Pineal Activation page, which has encouraged you to further study. This gland buried deep within the brain – also called the ‘third eye’ because of it’s connection to the higher spiritual part of us – is truly a fascinating subject to learn about. In most of us it can lie dormant but, when activated, it can lead us into a world of unexpected and unimaginable wonder. For anyone on a spiritual journey, I thoroughly recommend this activation.


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