Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Getting off That Roller Coaster Will Feel So Good

  • Maybe you’ve lost your job or your relationship has come to an end…
  • You’ve been working too hard or you’re having trouble sleeping…
  • A driving test is looming…perhaps a job interview…and your nerves are getting the better of you…

Whatever the problem might be, Dr Bach’s remedies and I have been helping clients move through their emotional issues for nearly 20 years, and the results are astounding.

Bach Flower Remedies & The 38 Emotional States

Nearly 90 years ago, Dr Edward Bach left his Harley Street clinic to wander the lanes and hedgerows of the English countryside, pursuing his vision of finding natural cures.

After spending six years searching and testing, he pin-pointed 38 different emotional states, and discovered natural plant remedies to address and support these states.

His revolutionary approach to healing aroused a storm of controversy. Yet nearly nine decades have demonstrated its efficacy in thousands of cases by allowing the miraculous human organism to find its own path to true health.

Now, in the 21st Century, we realise that although our challenges may have changed, our underlying emotional stresses remain the same.

You may have already heard of Rescue Remedy – a unique combination of five Bach Flower Remedies, recommended to be used not only in moments of extreme stress and trauma, but also to allay nerves and anxiety.

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Dr Bach divided the 38 emotional states into 7 main groups:

  • Fear
  • Loneliness
  • Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances
  • Overcare for the Welfare of Others
  • Over-Sensitivity to Influences and Ideas
  • Uncertainty
  • Despondency or Despair

These seven groups were then divided into the 38 sub-groups – for which a Flower Remedy was homeopathically created for each, and these 38 remedies form the basis for treating emotional issues.

Holistic therapy treats the individual person, not the symptom.

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Does it ever feel that your dog or cat is trying to tell you that something is wrong…?

  • Maybe you have to occasionally leave your furry friend alone for a few hours and she gets lonely and anxious.
  • Maybe he tries to control all the other animals in the house – including you!

We know our pets are sensitive and have strong emotions too, but often find it impossible to communicate to us what’s wrong. Why not let Bach Flower Remedies get to the core of your pets’ issues and release them in the most natural way?

    With the assistance of specific remedies, I can help to relax and ease your pet’s suffering , dependent on the behaviour being displayed.

    Contact me…

    …about your pet’s behavioural problems, and I’ll work out a plan to help remedy the situation.

    Contact me, Jean Gilhead – Dip Hyp ISCH, to arrange a Free Exploratory Consultation.